We create value and trust through our luxury web designs. Every customer is important to us, regardless of whether you want a large e-commerce site or you just want a small custom designed site.

Luxury Web Design London

Luxury Website Design London

Luxury Website Design

At Digicoms we offer a complete unique luxury web design service for all our clients. Through these designs we will show you how we will best create a simple and easy way for your visitors to surf through your website to find what they need. We will sit down with you first to understand your business and how best to represent it online and come up with a draft copy of what we think the website should look like and then all work together from there to get your everything to exactly where you would like it to be. At Digicoms we will also give you the design of all inner pages too, making your complete site fully bespoke and custom built.

Web Development

Web Development

The development phase of your website is the code behind the site that you don’t see. This is a very important part of your website build and one that is very difficult for a customer to tell if done well or not. At Digicoms, we believe in not only good coding practices but also giving fast loading websites that are set up to perform much better in the search engines than others. We do not build sites using heavy premium themes but start with a complete starter theme which gives you a fully bespoke and customisable website.

mobile responsive

Mobile Responsive

Since April 2015 it has been essential to have a fully mobile responsive website. This means that the website responds to the screen size it is being viewed on like a mobile or a tablet and displays in the most effective way for the visitor to see and navigate through it. At Digicoms every website we build is made responsive as standard and will have a high score in a google responsive test. With over 50% of searches now made on a mobile or a tablet this is now more essential than ever. We use the latest practices and build all responsive sites using bootstrap.

e-commerce websites

E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce site are websites with a shopping store on them, allowing people to sell goods from their websites. This naturally is more complex than a normal site but can usually still be built in a wordpress platform using woo-commerce as the shopping store. We have great experience in designing and building E-commerce stores at Digicoms and understand the structures and layouts necessary, like mega menus and large drop down navigations, to make your e-commerce store a success.


“Digicoms were really able to grasp what we at Fleurchitecht were looking for. They created us a great E-commerce site that was really able to showcase our unique flower arrangements in a great way. Thanks so much”

– Stephanie, Fleurchitecht, Potters Bar, Herts

Frequently Asked Questions


How long does luxury web design take?

We will normally give you a concept design a few days after we sit down and take your scope from you. We will always work with you in the design phase for as long as it takes for you to get exactly what you want. For the development phase depending on the size and complexity of the website this can take anywhere from 10 days upwards.

How many design amendments can I make?

At Digicoms when doing luxury web design we do not like to stipulate a set number of amendments that you can make with the designs. Our goal is to give you exactly what you want and make sure you are fully happy with the site you get. Therefore we are happy to make as many changes as are needed until your are happy. The only thing we do stipulate at times is that once designs are agreed we can not make serious amendments in the development stage without additional costs.

Will you create a logo for me too?

Absolutely yes, at Digicoms we offer a complete and full service so that you do not need to go and source other things from else where. That said if you already have an existing logo we will be happy to incorporate that within any design and use that as our starting point to begin with. We can also create different graphics that you may need for your site design, like banners and other things.

What is a premium theme?

A premium theme is a ready made site that can be customised easily to make a working website, and would be the choice of most developers. The reason we don’t use them at Digicoms is because they can be heavy, slow and have many conflicting scripts and errors that do not make for a good marketing website online. As a company that is hugely into online marketing too, we build sites correctly from the start that will ensure that all the correct factors are in place.

Can you customise my existing site?

We can make changes to your existing site and have developers that are experts in all platforms. Sometimes there are limitations to what you can do to an existing site and may be better off on a complete new site build, but that is something we would look through with you, discuss and give you the different options that you have available to you.

Can you just make my existing website mobile responsive?

Absolutely, we have had many clients that only want to make their existing website mobile responsive and nothing else. We also have been doing this for many design agencies that are not familiar with responsive coding. We will be happy to look through your code and see how long we estimate it will take to make your site responsive and give you a firm quote for the work.